US State Senator of Connecticut Visited CTS’s H2O Farm in Guilford

A state-of-the-art automated hydroponic greenhouse that provides better and safer crops for the consumers and the environment

h2o farm

It has been several years that CTS has been in business of hydroponic growing in collaboration with Growponics Ltd. on the H2O Farm in Guilford Connecticut.

Our state-of-the-art automated hydroponic greenhouses in Connecticut are considered a leader in the field of hydroponic lettuce production. We grow various types of lettuce, using water as our growing medium.

Thus, we were very honored that Christine Cohen, the State Senator of Connecticut, visited the farm a couple of days ago, with Connecticut Department of Agriculture Commissioner Bryan Hurlburt, and the Jewish Federation Association of Connecticut-JFACT, accompanied by the Consulate of Israel to New England –
Ambassador Meron Reuben and the innovation and economic affairs attache’ Eli Levin, aiming to better understand the benefit of hydroponics in decreasing carbon footprint and conserving water.


By implementing this innovative agricultural method, the end customer can enjoy a far better product: a cleaner vegetable, free from dirt and chemicals, with a longer shelf life and a higher quality.
Hydroponic agriculture is an advanced sustainable approach to farming since it provides plants with the exact amount of nutrients, thus preventing any excess from polluting land and groundwater. It saves up to 75-90% water and enables growing more crops on a limited amount of land, compared to traditional agriculture.



To read more about the farm and the visit click here

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