CTS Ltd. Joins WODA to Improve Access to Orphan Drugs for Rare Disease Patients

Global partnership aims to provide life-saving treatments for those in need, regardless of their circumstances

We are honored to announce that CTS Ltd. has recently joined the WODA- World Orphan Drug Alliance: a global alliance of full-service distributors dedicated to providing access to rare disease and specialty medicines in complex and often underserved markets worldwide.
From now on, CTS is a member at the global alliance, and will be able to allow better access to orphan drugs for those in need in Israel and the PNA territory.

Access to orphan drugs can be challenging for patients. These treatments are often very expensive and can be difficult to distribute globally, due to the small patient populations they serve.
As a result, many patients with rare disease might not have access to necessary treatments, leading to increased suffering and reduced quality of life.
WODA, as a global network of industry representatives that cover 74 different countries in 4 continents, is committed to improve access to life-saving treatments for patients with rare diseases.

WODA’s multi-territorial platform provides an alternative for pharma and biotech companies seeking a one-stop solution and comprehensive support for their products, ranging from named patient programs to full commercialization.
Regions covered by WODA members:
• Central and Eastern Europe (Medis)
• China, Taiwan, Macau (RareStone Group)
• Greece, Cyprus, Malta (Path Pharma)
• Israel (CTS)
• Middle East, North Africa & Turkey (Vector Pharma)
• Latin America (OrphanDC)
• Russia & the CIS region (Orpharm)
• Switzerland (EffRx Pharmaceuticals)

Decisive Consulting is WODA’s partner for global access, pricing, and commercialization strategies.
For more information about WODA click here.

By joining WODA, CTS is taking an important step towards addressing this issue in Israel.
Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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