Company Overview

Established 1921, CTS has been one of the most prominent companies in Israel engaged in healthcare as well as agricultural solutions, demonstrating sustainable growth across all business areas.

We Import, export, develop, manufacture, and market a broad portfolio of over 100 healthcare products, covering: Ethical Rx, Generics, OTC, Medical devices, Food supplements (VMS), Consumer Health, and advanced Molecular Diagnostics.

CTS is one of the few Israeli companies covering most aspects of the Israeli healthcare market:

  • Portfolio: From pharmaceuticals and medical devices to advanced genetic diagnostics.
  • Stakeholders:  from Physicians, Hospitals, HMOs, and decision-makers to pharmacies, patients, consumers, and patient advocacy groups.

We operate four manufacturing sites for the production of Pharmaceuticals, VMS, Cosmetics and toiletry, and Agricultural products. These sites comply with the highest international standards, such as EU/Israeli GMP, TGA, and ISO.

CTS  has been a reliable partner for multinational pharmaceutical companies, offering our partners a full & complete service to successfully launch products in the Israeli market, including: registration, market access, marketing, medico-marketing, medical sales force, manufacturing distribution, and where applicable, local packaging services.

Since the 80’s CTS has been exporting its products to Europe, Australia, Africa, and East Asia.