We Operate in Two Business Areas

The Healthcare Business – specializes in manufacturing, marketing and distribution of prescription (Branded and Generics) and OTC medicines, supplements, FSMP and medical devices.

The Agriculture Business – specializes in manufacturing and marketing of agricultural solutions for farmers in crop protection, crop science and seeds.

The Healthcare business

For over 100 years, CTS has been a reliable partner for global pharmaceutical companies (Brand & Generics) commercializing their products and representing them in Israel.
Among our partners: Astellas, Besins, Corza, CSL Vifor Pharma, Geistlich, HRA Pharma, IBSA, Laboratorios Salvat, Pari, SERB, Sintetica,Takeda, and others.The healthcare division covers the following areas: Marketing & Sales, Products Partnering (in-licensing and out licensing), Regulatory affairs, R&D and Manufacturing departments.

Our local pharmaceuticals production and formulation activities are based on in-house development as well as tech-transfer agreements. All products and facilities conform to the strictest international and local standards and certifications.

Care for Children

CTS offers two leading product lines for infants & children: Tiptipot and Taftapim, recommended by pediatricians and considered a leading brand in Israel.The Tiptipot product line contains of relevant pharmaceutical products, for newborns and infants, most of them especially formulated as concentrated orally administered drops.The line is designed to help with medical issues that are common at an early age including: fever and pain relief, nasal congestion, colic pain relief, cough relief and more. This line also includes essential vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin D supplementation and iron.The Taftapim product line consists of different consumer good products that are aimed to assists parents in health care situations that are common with children such as diaper rash, cold relief, natural mosquito repellents and more.

Hygiene and Dermo-cosmetics

CTS’s knowhow in the consumer care business has led us to develop different product lines that can be present in every house hold.Femina – a feminine hygiene line, including different intimate wash products and intimate wipes.In dermo-cosmetics, the company developed the Prolactic line, evidence-based pH 3.5 formulation providing immediate relief for dry, irritated and delicate skin.Our recently launched Medjool skincare line, is based on extracts from the Israeli nutrient-rich Medjool dates. These dates contain remarkable health properties that rejuvenate the skin in many ways.

Personalized Medicine and Genetics

In 2015, CTS entered the personalized medicine area, and began offering patients, HCPs and stakeholders a range of genetic and diagnostic tests in collaboration with leading companies, for various disease areas and risk factors, including a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT), pharmacogenetics in psychiatry, cancer companion diagnostics and others.

The Agriculture business


CTS’s agricultural business, Agrica focuses on development and marketing of crop protection products, seeds, and plant nutrition products.Thanks to almost 100 years of experience serving the Israeli agriculture market, Agrica’s team of agronomists applies practical solutions in helping farmers deal with challenges and trends in modern agriculture.Our team of expert agronomists serves the agricultural community, accompanying them throughout the agricultural cycle, providing solutions and agronomy consultation. We emphasize farmer safety, environmental protection and crop protection from seeding to harvest. Products are formulated and packaged in our Dr. Meron facility, located in the Haifa bay.Agrica partners with leading multinational crop and seeds companies to register and distribute their products in Israel. Our partners include: BASF, Nufarm, Nutriag, Brandt, Valent (Sumitomo), UPL, Tomatech, KWS, Esasem, Emerald, United Genetics and others.