Diagnostic Services

We help physicians and patients achieve more personalized and informed care based on validated molecular diagnostic tests that we offer by partnering with innovative companies.

Our expertise lays in bringing new services to the market through our digital platforms, on the ground sales force and by collaborating with payors.

Current commercial partners include:

LabCorp – NIPT – MaterniT & GenomiT – a non-invasive prenatal screening

Veracyte  Afirma – Thyroid nodules classifier

Myriad Endopredict – Prognostic and predictive breast cancer recurrence test and Prolaris- risk assessment of a patient’s prostate cancer and myChoice

AB biotics – Neuropharmagen  – Pharmacogenetic test identifying the safest and most appropriate psychotropic medication for each patient




We are always looking to develop more partnerships with leading companies in the diagnostics realm. Contact us here