Social Responsibility

Corporate responsibility and business ethics have always been our guiding principles. They flow directly from the ethos and legacy of our founders.

A Letter from the Chairman

Corporate Social Responsibility has been guiding our path since the 70’s.

In addition to monetary donations, our employees volunteer in organized activities for under-privileged children (educational activities).

We are committed to high ethical standards in the way we interact with all our stakeholders – customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, competitors, government agencies and the communities in which we operate. It is this approach, that guided us in our unorthodox decision to offer customer service (in addition to the famous “pharmacovigilance reporting”). We listen to our customers. And they tell us a lot about their needs. In recent years, we have also emphasized our Environmental Responsibility for our children’s future. Our manufacturing plants all comply with green standards set by the Standards Institution of Israel. It is my wish for CTS to continue offering products that are innovative, safe and beneficial, that help people and society as we have been doing since 1921, while maintaining fair employment opportunities without race, religion, or gender prejudice. I thank our employees for their continued professionalism, tenacity and integrity.



CTS Awarded highest CSR Ranking

CTS Group, led by chairman SIgal First, has been awarded the highest platinum score in the MAALA Index, for the 10th consecutive year, thanks to the group’s proven ongoing corporate social responsibility practices.

Maala is a leading professional umbrella organization in Israel, comprised of over 100 of the highest impact companies in Israel on corporate responsibility.
The Maala ranking for corporate responsibility is based on detailed criteria in diverse areas: environmental protection, business ethics, diversity and fairness in employment, community engagement, corporate governance, sustainable procurement and others.It is our commitment to continuous improvement, and to our responsibility towards our customers, employees, the community, the environment, and we are proud to accept this ranking.